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Choosing an exchange platform with great services and security is often more important than the trade itself. Exchanger101 is one of the best Cryptocurrency and Gift Card Exchanges in Nigeria and has everything you need rolled into one platform. You can trade your favorite coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and Litecoin as well as Gift cards such as Amazon, Google Play, Steam, etc.

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Our service, tools and simple trading process will get you trading happily from day one.

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Exchanger101 offers an intuitive, beginner-friendly interface and 24/7 customer support.

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Our payment facility is one of the best out there, you get your payment same minute.

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Our mission at Exchanger101 is to offer a safe and uniquely user-friendly platform for everyday Nigerians to access the world of cryptocurrency starting with these recognised coins












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Marketing studies show that about 6% of gift cards end up never being used. And if you don’t utilise a card within six months, chances are you will never use it. Instead, you’ll probably keep it in a drawer somewhere only to forget about it completely until the card has expired and is no longer usable. Rather than losing money, why not use an app or site to convert a gift card to naira? Of course, you won’t get the card's total value, but it’s better than getting nothing at all!

Our exceptional customer support, has an incomparable help center that answers all your questions, and real-time price update. What’s not to love?

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Referring Exchanger101 to a friend takes only a few minutes. Ready to spread the word? Here’s how you can start referring: You can start by sharing your unique referral link with them from within the Exchanger101 app.

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Why Exchanger101 Is The Best Platform

Start trading with Exchanger101 that can provide everything you need to have a wonderful trading experience.

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Having Troubles ?

The customer support is always available to provide answers to your questions but here are some most asked questions.

How long hasExchanger101 been trading?

Exchanger101 has been trading & satisfying clients with premium service since 2016. Feel free to check out our profile on Nairaland.

YES WE DO! Exchanger101 is known for fast, trustworthy and reliable service

Currently, we trade all currencies and denominations of gift & eGift cards

Yes we do. We pay our clients in Naira (NGN) expeditiously

At Exchanger101, we are known for trading almost every gift card that exists via our app.

How long? The real question is HOW FAST?! & the answer is IMMEDIATELY!

This can be done in 3 easy steps, Go to our Webapp on your Android or iOS device, register with your email, & VOILA! You are ready to use the best webapp/service in the industry

We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Come rain, Come shine, We are at your beck and call!

As Featured In

As a demonstration of our quality service and awesome impression, we have been published on some reputable media around the world. Which further solidifies the reason why Exchanger101 is the best place to sell gift cards in Nigeria, or best place to buy them, as the case may be.



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