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Gift Card Questions

How long has Exchanger101 been trading?

Exchanger101 has been trading & satisfying clients with premium service since 2016. Feel free to check out our profile on Nairaland.


Can I trade on the website?

No. Only via our iOS & Android App.

Do you trade gift cards?

YES WE DO! Exchanger101 is known for fast, trustworthy and reliable service

How do I trade gift cards?

On the dashboard, click on the "Trade Giftcards" button. Select the Card Type, select the correct Card Category, input the Value (amount) of your card & then click on Trade. Make sure you send the generated message & watch how fast you will be attended to!
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Do you payout only in Naira?

Currently, Yes, We pay out in Naira (NGN) only. Other Currencies coming soon

What is Apple Zombie/Infected Card?

If your apple card is a ZOMBIE/INFECTED CARD , it means the balance is available but not spendable

How long before I receive payment?

How long? The real question is HOW FAST?! & the answer is IMMEDIATELY!

How do I register on Exchanger101?

This can be done in 3 easy steps, Download our app on your Android or iOS device, register with your email, & verify your account with the OTP code sent to you email. VOILA! You are ready to use the best app/service in the industry

Is Exchanger101 available 24/7?

Yes, we are available 24 hours a day & 7 days a week

Crypto-Related Questions

What is Bitcoin network fee?

These are charges incurred by BTC service providers for every BTC transaction. This ensures that you have a swift transaction.

How can I open a Bitcoin wallet?

With an Exchanger101 account, you already have your own BTC Wallet where you can send, receive and save your BTC.

What determines Bitcoin rates and prices?

Bitcoin is determined by the market forces of demand and supply. When the demand of Bitcoin increases in the market, the price rises and vice versa. On the contrary, when the supply of Bitcoin decreases, the price rises since the shortage created causes consumers to willingly pay a higher price for it.

Is there any maximum or minimum BTC I can transact?

There is no maximum BTC value you can buy or sell.

My incoming Bitcoin is pending?

For a bitcoin transaction to reflect in your crypto wallet, it must be fully confirmed on the blockchain network, which means your transaction has six confirmations (6/6). Check your transactions confirmation status on any blockchain explorer such as: https://blockchair.com/bitcoin/transactions

Search your Transaction ID or Bitcoin Address on the blockchain explorer


What does Enjoy "Zero Charges. Zero Fees. No Limits" mean?

This is the motto which we stand by & it means

ZERO Sell or Deposit Fees. ZERO Withdrawal Charges.
NO LIMITS on Withdrawals or Crypto Transactions

Withdrawal Questions

How fast is payment?

Faster than lightning! You receive your withdrawal within seconds!

Why am I yet to receive my payment?

This could be due to the receiving bank's network. We implore you to reachout to our customer service representatives on Live chat if you are yet to receive payment after 10 minutes.

How do I withdraw?

It's very simple, save your bank account in the app & use the withdrawal button! easy peasy

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Is there a withdrawal fee?

No, withdrawal is free.

What is the maximum or minimum I can withdraw?

Minimum is 1,000 naira. There is no maximum as long as it's your money 😉